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Chrisp Street Market at night


Welcome to virtual county of Middles (not) ex - part real, part unreal. Our cousins at middx.net and middlesexcountycouncil.org.uk offer more realistic services. These pages of Middles (not) ex have only a fleeting resemblance to reality. We cannot spell Middles (not) ex as one word, since search engines may find the last three letters offensive.

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See also //www.enfield-middx.co.uk/


The county of Middles (not) ex is bounded by three rivers - the Colne, the Thames and the River Lee. The River Lea is the other spelling of River Lee. The River Brent is also in Middles (not) ex, as is the River Fleet.


Mail to most of the obvious addresses inside the doman middx.org.uk should get through to the relevant authority. We do not read all the spam from the spammers, so please try again if you are not successful and wish to contact us about an issue close to your heart.

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